Welcome to Weston Middle School

Wednesday 9/2/15

For your dining pleasure today: Goulash

Tomorrow: Chicken Sandwiches

Just a reminder.....purses and backpacks are not allowed in the classroom. Please secure them in your locker for 6/7/8 or on the hooks outside of your classroom for 4/5.

Student Council applications are due tomorrow by 3pm.

Congratulations to the 5th grade - they are the first class to memorize their cafeteria numbers!!!

Our first Academic/Athletic Eligibility Meeting will be held Thursday morning in the auditorium right after the first bell sounds to allow students into the building.  All football, volleyball and Xcountry athletes need to come into the auditorium for a very brief meeting.  Eighth graders who are normally down at band will need to come up to the main building briefly while we take care of this business.  Thanks!  Any questions?  Ask Mr. Bartron!