Welcome to Weston Middle School

Friday 9/19

Cheeseburgers today!!!

Monday you can look forward to Pizza

If you are sitting at the picnic table outside, please be sure you are cleaning up after yourselves and being considerate and polite to people passing by.

Reminder cell phones are to be turned off and IN YOUR LOCKER....if you do not feel your cell phone is secure in your locker, you may turn it in to the office until the end of the day.

There is still time to pay your $15 student body fee and get your ASB Card. If you missed picture day, retakes are November 5th and you will get your ASB card then.

CONGRATULATIONS LESLY K!!! She had the correct answer to the Staff Birthday Trivia question.....

Miss Thul and Mrs. Swafford share May 18th as their special day and Ms. Glover and Mr. Clancy share December 7th!!

Good detective work Lesly!!





Thursday 9/18/14

For your culinary enjoyment today.....Chicken Fajitas

Tomorrow you will be having Cheeseburgers!

THANK YOU ! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!  To everyone that has been bringing in box tops! A special shout out to Caleb Robinson and Casey Caldwell for the big bags you brought in! Be sure to put your name on the bags of box tops you bring in so we can give you a special SHOUT

School Store opened yesterday....thank you so much for living up to the community expectations for the school store! You waited in line, made your decisions quickly and had your TS tokens ready! Keep up the good work!

Mr. McIntyre's 8th grade band came close but we still haven't gotten a correct answer to the Weekly Trivia Question...we have 2 sets of staff members with the same birthday...who are they?

 We still have a purse in the office that was found in the gym. If you are missing one, stop by and identify.

There will be NO D TEAM VOLLEYBALL practice today. Please be sure and let your parents know and catch the bus if you need to!


Wednesday 9/17

For your culinary enjoyment today....something new to the menu....Lasagna Rolls

Tomorrow you can look forward to the always popular and delicous Chicken Fajitas

Just for fun, let's look ahead to Friday and Mrs. Mills favorite....Cheeseburgers

The Potato Show is coming October 25th!!! We will be putting together Gift Baskets from each class. Please email Mrs. Glover with the theme of your raffle basket. Themes are due by September 19th and baskets are due by September 30th. Thanks for your help! We will be putting together the tickets for you to sell and they will be handed out at a later date.

In an effort to allow everyone the opportunity to shop at the school store before getting to the bus, please follow the 3 basic rules:

BE SAFE -  stand in line quietly while waiting your turn

BE RESPECTFUL - make your choices quickly

BE RESPONSIBLE - have your TS tokens ready

The Union Bulletin has a route available in Athena. If you are interested, there is a flyer on the information board across from the office.

Weekly Trivia Question.....we have 2 sets of staff members with the same birthday.....who are they? Here's a hint....1 pair are both new to our staff this year and the other pair have been here awhile.... Submit your answers to the office.