Welcome to Weston Middle School

Friday 12/19

Happy Friday!

I know everyone is excited about Winter Break - let's try to keep it together for 1 more day! :-)

For your dining pleasure today - Turkey Roast and potatoes

There was a phone found on the bus #14. If you are missing yours please see the office.

If you or someone you know is in need of a winter coat. Please see the office.

Please be sure to check the Social Study Hall / Detention list for this afternoon - if you are assigned and have selected a social activity for the same time - please see Mrs. Surber, it may be possible to make adjustments.

If you have 5 minor or 1 major referal or have an F in any class you will need to serve half of the social. If you have to serve for both behavior and grades - you will serve the entire social.

No lunch detentions for tardies today! Thanks for getting to class on time!

Check your pockets.....did you lose your house key on Cathy Zimmerman's bus? If so......check at the office

Thursday 12/18

For your dining pleasure today Diced chicken Gravy over rice

Tomorrow: Turkey Roast and Mashed Potatoes and gravy

HELPING HATS day tomorrow!!!! Pay $1, get a stamp, wear a hat and help a local family!!!!

Tomorrow is the Winter Social - the Study Hall and Detention list will be posted this afternoon.

Make it a great day!

Wednesday 12/17/14

For your dining pleasure today: Spaghetti

Tomorrow you can look forward to: Diced chicken gravy over rice

The Winter Social is Friday, December 19th during 7th and 8th periods!  Sign-ups will begin on WEDNESDAY, December 17th in the front hall.  Find Mrs. Vescio and sign up for a social event. Wednesday sign-ups will be for students with NO REFERRALS since the beginning of the second quarter in October. Thursday sign-ups will be for students with 0-2 REFERRALS since the beginning of the second quarter.  Friday sign-ups will be on a first come-first served basis for everyone. Remember that if you are failing any subjects or have too many referrals, you may be assigned to study hall during all or part of the social.

 YOU MUST SIGN UP if you want to attend the following activities: Computer Lab, Duct Tape Wallets, Tie Dye, Ornaments, Washer Necklaces, Cooking.

 Activities that DO NOT require you to sign up are : Dodgeball, 3-On-3 Basketball, Movie, and Dance (7/8 only).

 You may only sign up for ONE activity on Wednesday/Thursday.  If space is available, you may sign up for a second activity on Friday morning.

 PLEASE KNOW WHAT YOU WANT TO SIGN UP FOR (PLUS A BACK UP PLAN) WHEN YOU ARRIVE AT THE SIGN UP TABLE.  It is a busy time, and we need to keep the line moving.  And remember…no changing activities after you sign up.  Thanks for your help.  This should be a great social!

We will be having a PBIS drawing tomorrow. Be sure to have your TigerScot tokens ready before school! 2 Christmas Gifts per grade!