Welcome to our school

Wednesday 02/10/16

On the menu for today is Spaghetti & Meat Sauce, Warm Bread Sticks, Green Beans, Pears and Milk.  On the menu for tomorrow is Chicken Tenders, Potato Wedges, Veggie Sticks, Peaches and Milk.  

Today Girls Basketball vs. Helix @ WMS - A,B: Dismiss B Team @ 2:30. Good luck TigerScots!

You guys are doing a great job selling those pretzels and roses!  Just a reminder, the money and any unsold items are due Monday, February 15th. 

Found: We have a variety of items that have been found. Please come to the office if you have lost a phone, coin purse, bracelets, rings, and on and on. These items will be donated to Goodwill if no one claims them.  If you lost something and it is not in the lost and found in the hall, please come by the office and describe what you are missing.  Thanks! 


Parents: Immunization records must be up to date and a copy in our office before the exclusion date of February 17th. Per State law, if we do not have your student's updated record or your signed exemption certification your child will not be able to come to school until we have those shot records showing everything is complete. Again, the exclusion date is February 17! If you have questions, please call the office.