Note  From Superintendent Laure Quaresma

Dear Athena-Weston School District Families,

Beginning March 1, we are officially returning to in-person instruction at all grade levels.  We have enjoyed having our students back in Kindergarten through 8th grade and welcome the opportunity to bring our high school students back on campus.  We would like to thank parents and students for working diligently with online instruction and being prepared to return feeling ready to learn and be safe. 

Please continue to monitor your children and keep them home if they are exhibiting any signs of illness that might impact the health and safety of others.  Safety protocols are in place at each building and at this time we have not had any school spread. 

If your children have been exposed to others with symptoms, this would be another reason to keep students home.   If there is an exposure, the Umatilla County Health Department will notify families when their children have been impacted.  We will ensure that distance learning is provided when a student is in quarantine as it is important that instruction continue for all students.