Governor Brown School Reopening Announcement July 28; Athena-Weston School District Response

Attention Please

Athena-Weston School District Comprehensive Distance Learning Plan

On July 18, 2020, the Athena-Weston School District submitted its school reopening plan highlighting readiness for onsite learning.  On July 28th, Governor Brown announced metrics that must be met for schools to reopen for onsite instruction.  Currently, Umatilla County does not meet the requirements to implement our reopening plan.  In response to the Governor's announcement, we are working diligently to prepare our Comprehensive Distance Learning Program.  Fortunately we have been preparing for this option with purpose and intention versus reacting to the quick pivot that we experienced in March.  Our Comprehensive Online program will begin on August 31st. During the first week of online learning, each child and parent will have a scheduled distance learning orientation conference with a teacher. This will facilitate greater understanding of the instructional model and expectations to ensure student success.  Our mission is to support our students and remain connected as a school community.  For this reason, it is critically important that Athena-Weston students are educated by Athena-Weston staff. We are TigerScots, and together we will maintain a quality education for our kids.  Please check our website for updates as we approach the start of school on August 31st.  

  1.  Comprehensive Distance Learning  (All Students – District Staff)
  2.  Athena-Weston Virtual Academy  (ESD hosted – Homeschool Families)

Comprehensive Distance Learning Commitments

  1. We will conduct individualized distance learning orientation conferences for every child and parent.
  2. We will provide instructional technology for all students who need it.
  3. We will ensure rigorous academic standards.
  4. We will support parent access to the online gradebook and to Google Classroom to help them to monitor their child’s progress.
  5. We will provide nutrition services to families.
  6. We will build time into teacher and administrator schedules to facilitate clear and consistent times for communication with families. 
  7. We will dedicate specific staff to support the social-emotional needs of students.
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