Flood Relief

flood relief

We hosted a flood relief fundraiser on February 14th for local families affected by the flood. 

For the 4/5: Students can pay 1.00 to wear a hat

For 6th-8th: Students can pay 1.00 to wear a hat

                    Students can pay 2.00 to chew gum

                    Students can pay 3.00 to use their phones during lunchtime.

The impacts for our students and families continue to be of great concern. If your children or family needs assistance, please let the school office know. We are a community that supports each other in need. Let us know how we can help!

We will be running bus routes to the Old Gym in Mission at 6:45 A.M. and 4:15 P.M as well as to the Cayuse Bridge at 6:45 A.M and 4:05 P.M. 

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