School Closure Procedures

The superintendent shall make the final decision on school closure except in his/her absence or emergency situations requiring immediate action to safeguard the health and welfare of students.

The following steps shall be followed in attempting to communicate with students and patrons in the event of unscheduled school closure.

If school is in session when the decision is made, the students, the transportation director, and the radio stations will be notified of subsequent days of school closure.

After Hours and Snow Days:

The superintendent shall notify each building principal, the cooks, the maintenance personnel, and the radio stations. The transportation director shall notify the route bus drivers who shall, in turn, notify specified student riders.

Faculty and staff normally come in for work on snow days unless safety prohibits or they are notified otherwise.

Emergency Closure While School Is In Session:

In the event an emergency arises forcing the closure of a building while school is in session, the principal shall send pedestrian commuters and provide for the care of the bus students until they may be transported home. If the emergency arises before or during noon, arrangements shall be made to bus the transported student’s home after parent notification. If the closure occurs after noon, the principal shall provide for the welfare of the bus students until regular bus service occurs. The radio stations shall be notified immediately.

Media Notification


  • KTIX, 1240 AM
  • KWHT, 103.5 FM
  • KUMA, 1290 AM
  • KUJ, 1420 AM
  • KONA, 610 AM or 105.3 FM


  • KNDU
  • KVEW
  • KEPR