Sports & Athletics

Image: Athletic ShoesPlease remember, schedules are subject to change. We try to keep the most recent schedule updated on the computer, however, it never hurts to double check with your player.

Sports Schedules


A Student Activity Release Form (PDF) needs to be completed and turned in to the school, the day prior to the activity,  if somebody besides the parents or guardians will be picking your student up from the activity.

WMS encourages all students to participate in sports activities. These activities provide an opportunity to learn skills, fair play, develop lasting friendships and school spirit.

All students who participate in a school-sponsored sport activity are representatives of the school and the community. Therefore, the student is obligated to act in a manner that will reflect credit on her/himself, the school and the community.




Football (7-8)

Basketball (6-8)

Track (6-8)

Volleyball (6-8)

Boys before Christmas


Cross Country (6-8)

Girls after Christmas


  Weightlifting (7-8)  

Girls before Christmas

  Boys after Christmas  




In order to participate on any sport team, he/she must have on file in the school office a record of the following:

Sports Physical/Insurance

  • Verification of a MEDICAL – PHYSICAL EXAMINATION (valid for 2 years)

  • Authorization form for MEDICAL CONSENT TO TREAT and PROOF OF INSURANCE (renewed each year).


All sports participants must be PASSING ALL THEIR CLASSES.

Pay-to-Play Fee

The pay-to-play fee is $20 per sport, except for Weightlifting which is $10. The pay-to-play fee must be paid before the first competition in order to participate. 


Forms are available for download in Adobe PDF format. Parents/guardians may also contact the office for a copy.