Our Staff

Photo Name Position/Title E-mail
Photo: A Doremus Amber Doremus Sixth Grade Amber.Doremusatathwest.k12.or.us
Image: No Photo Amy Shafer Secretary amy.shaferatathwest.k12.or.us
Photo: Ann Vescio Ann Vescio Principal Ann.Vescioatathwest.k12.or.us
Photo: B Buckles Becky Buckles Lead Cook becky.bucklesatathwest.k12.or.us
Photo: B Clancy Bill Clancy 5th Grade Teacher Bill.Clancyatathwest.k12.or.us
Image: No Photo Carla Salter Paraprofessional carla.salteratathwest.k12.or.us
Photo: Cheree Delph Cheree Delph Paraprofessional cheree.delphatathwest.k12.or.us
Image: No Photo Cliff Taylor Wood Shop cliff.tayloratathwest.k12.or.us
Image: No Photo Craig Angell 7th Grade Language Arts, 6th and 7th Grade Social Studies, 8th Grade Math craig.angellatathwest.k12.or.us
Photo: C Calvert Cyndi Calvert Paraprofessional / Library Assistant cyndi.calvertatathwest.k12.or.us
Photo: D Glover Deb Glover Teacher - Math, PE, Health, FACS, Coach debrah.gloveratathwest.k12.or.us
Image: No Photo Elsa Baker 7th Grade Spanish elsa.bakeratathwest.k12.or.us
Photo: G Turner Gail Turner 8th Grade Teacher --Language Arts, U.S. History, Careers, Enrichment Gail.Turneratathwest.k12.or.us
Photo: J Culham Jackie Culham 5th Grade Teacher jackie.culhamatathwest.k12.or.us
Photo: J Robel Jamie Robel Paraprofessional jamie.robelatathwest.k12.or.us
Image: No Photo Jessica Alrich Paraprofessional jessica.aldrichatathwest.k12.or.us
Photo: J Funderburk Justin Funderburk Athletic Director/Teacher- 6th, 7th and 8th Grade PE Justin.Funderburkatathwest.k12.or.us
Photo: K Bennett Kolleen Bennett 6th Grade Teacher Kolleen.Bennettatathwest.k12.or.us
Photo: L Gilliam Linda Gilliam Custodian Linda.Gilliamatathwest.k12.or.us
Photo: P Monaco Patti Monaco Cafeteria Supervisor Patti.Monacoatathwest.k12.or.us
Photo: R Olson Rachael Olson 4th Grade Teacher rachael.olsonatathwest.k12.or.us
Photo: R McIntyre Rob McIntyre Band and Music Rob.McIntyreatathwest.k12.or.us
Photo: S Nelson Stacey Nelson 4th Grade Teacher Stacey.Nelsonatathwest.k12.or.us
Image: No Photo Tanna Munck Special Education tanna.munckatathwest.k12.or.us
Photo: T Dennis Terrie Dennis 7th/8th Grade Teacher, Coach Terrie.Dennisatathwest.k12.or.us