Field Trip

We have been busy here at WMS and we're not done yet! 

So far this week and last week our 7th graders took a trip to Boardman's Rec Center and the Sage Center. 

Our 6th graders are enjoying Outdoor School This week. 

They have learned about orienteering, first aid, cooking in foil packets in a campfire, and photography. We tossed in a few bonus lessons on tree ID, crossing a small stream, upturned trees, and proper seasoning. 

Day 2

We had cast iron pizza, weather, fire prevention, and shelter building. 

Day 3 

We had a glorious day on the Walla Walla River. Students learned about keeping rivers cool and clean, about tribal history and first foods, about wildlife in our area and how we can manage them, and finally were able to cook breakfast on the stoves they built last Friday.