Deb Glover

Deb Glover is officially retiring as a Weston Middle School teacher. She has taught math, health, PE, home economics, wood shop, Agriculture, cooking, science, as well as “whatever-you-need-help-with.” But more importantly, Deb Glover has taught all of our kids that they are important and loved. 

Many of you know this, and certainly Weston Middle School students all know this: Every year Deb Glover recognizes each kid’s birthday. She pops into their classroom on or near their birthday (or half birthday for those born during the summertime), gives each child a fancy pencil and a full-sized candy bar, and sings them her famous Birthday Song. Every kid. Every Year. Without fail. 

To honor Glover--this amazing woman, teacher, mentor, role-model, mother, grandmother, and friend--the class of 2026 turned the tables on Glover at their 8th Grade Recognition ceremony by presenting her with over 100 candy bars with hand-written notes from students attached to each one and by singing to her their version of her Birthday Song, now called “The Retirement Song.”  The words of her “Birthday Song” were changed to the following:

Happy retirement, Glover
Happy retire-ment
Now it’s your turn To have a lot of fun
Get up and go work in your barn and feed your pigs
Sew a blanket, cook a meal, and know you’re missed, happy retirement Glover…

Congratulations, Glover! We will miss you!